Walleye/Pickerel Fishing

Unique to this part of the world, the Walleye attracts anglers from around the globe


Imagine you’re on a crystal clear lake, the sun on your back and surrounded by wilderness. You line drifting in the water, knowing that any minute you will feel that nibble on your line. Suddenly, you feel a jerk on your line and your adrenaline rushes. Whether it’s a walleye or northern pike, this is what fishing is all about! And there’s nowhere more exciting to experience the thrill of fishing than on Dumoine Lake.

You will find three different types of Walleye on Lac Dumoine; blue, yellow and black.  The Walleye, also known as Pickerel, gets its name from the milky opaque colour of its eyes; which are very light sensitive. These golden swimmers are members of the perch family, and like the perch they are found in schools. Unique to this part of the world, the Walleye attracts anglers from around the globe, available from spring to fall. It is not an aggressive feeder and often requires great skill and patience to catch.


Walleye feed on smaller fish and prefer the cover of heavy weeds, often congregating at the edge of weed beds near schools of baitfish. These are some of the finest eating fish you’ll ever find and can be easily hooked on light tackle – jigs baited with leeches or salted minnows, trolling with bait rigs or jigging spoons. They take the bait slowly, so you may lose your fish if you’re too eager to set the hook.

Daily Fishing Quota

Daily fishing quotas include only those fish caught and kept and do not include fish thrown back. The licence-holder must include in their quota the fish caught and kept by all of the persons fishing under the authority of their licence. This also includes fish caught and eaten the same day.


Possession Limit

The authorized possession limit for Walleye is 6 in all.

Length Limit

It is not permitted to catch and keep or have in your possession Walleye that is under 35 cm (14 inches) in length. Having in your possession the equivalent of a 35 cm (14 inches) or larger walleye in fillets is permitted provided the fillets measure 25 cm (10 inches) or more and the skin is still attached to the flesh over the entire length of the fillets.


May 15th – October 18, 2020