Duck Hunting

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, Dumoine Lake Cottages offers great duck hunting


If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, Dumoine Lake Cottages offers great duck hunting, and for those who like to fish the Dumoine Lake is open for business. Dumoine Lake is an exclusive rights territory that offers an enjoyable hunting experience without the pressure of crowding hunters.

Black Duck: The black duck is one of our most difficult of all ducks to deceive, therefore making it the most sought after waterfowl by hunters. The Black Duck is distinguished by its beautiful purplish-blue patch on its wing and white on its under wings. These ducks return to the same marshes each fall, to enjoy their plentiful food source.

Mallard Duck: The Mallard is best known for its white outer tail-feathers and prominent white wing bar. The female Mallard resembles the Black Duck in size and appearance, but the Mallard’s brown colour is lighter. They nest under boulders, in tree holes, in the crotch of trees, or in open areas.

About five percent of the wild ducks that look like either Black Ducks or Mallards, but have features of a Black Duck-Mallard pair, are the result of crossbreeding in the wild. Hybrids are difficult to detect, it is best to distinguish them by their mixed plumage.


It is forbidden to hunt a migratory game bird with the aid of live birds, with a crossbow, or from an aircraft. Hunting on board a powerboat is allowed only when the motor is not running and the boat is at a halt. Anyone who cripples or injures a migratory game bird must immediately take every reasonable measure to retrieve the bird.

Be prepared for the worst weather of the season, bring appropriate clothing and dress in layers. All hunters, guides and persons accompanying them must wear a fluorescent orange vest or jacket that is visible from the front, back and sides. The vest or jacket must cover the wearer’s back, shoulders and chest. When worn, the orange vest or jacket must be visible at all times. ALWAYS BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET.

Daily Bag Limit

Black Duck and/or Mallard Duck: 4


September 16 to December 26

Additional Services

Meat Preparation and Wrapping: $50.00 per limit

Possession Limit

Black Duck and/or Mallard Duck: 8

Hunting License Fee

Small Game Hunting Licence: $85.28

Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Licence: $

Hunting License

To hunt migratory birds, a person must hold and carry a small game hunting licence and a federal migratory bird hunting licence. These licenses are personal, the issuer and the licence holder must sign every hunting licence. Dumoine Lake Cottages pricing does not include hunting licenses. Licenses are the same for Quebec residents and non-residents.

Small Game Hunting licences are available from agents who sell licences: they generally include sporting goods, hardware or convenience stores. The federal migratory bird hunting licence are sold at post offices. Licences expire at the end of the hunting season for the animal for which they were issued or when the transportation tags have been removed

For more information on small game hunting, please visit the Canadian Wildlife Service component of Environment Canada.


Any hunter who has killed a migratory bird must immediately detach the appropriate transportation tag from his or her license and affix it to the bird. The tag must contain the signature of the owner, the date, the address of the owner, and the number of the hunting permit.

Exporting Migratory Birds

No one shall possess or transport a migratory bird, unless at least one wing is attached to the bird. The bird’s wing maybe removed after the bird is taken to the owner’s residence or when the bird is prepared for immediate cooking. Exterior packages containing migratory birds in transport must contain the shippers name, the number of the permit and the accurate statement of the contents.