Black Bear Hunting

Dumoine Lake Cottages offers exclusive rights to hunt in our territory for black bear

Black Bear

Black bears are remarkable and challenging big game animals, and the spring bear hunt is a thrilling and rewarding venture that every hunter should experience. Quebec leads the Canadian provinces for serious bear hunters looking for a superior spring hunt.

Dumoine Lake Cottages offers its customers exclusive rights to hunt in our territory for that premier trophy black bear. You will not experience hunters coming in from all directions, we know who is in our territory and where they are. To add to the experience we have comfortable cabins, exceptional scenery and excellent fishing.


Virtually all bear hunting at Dumoine Lake are from tree stands or blinds overlooking baited sites, it is recommended that you bring your own stand. All hunters, guides and persons accompanying them must wear a fluorescent orange vest or jacket that is visible from the front, back and sides. The vest or jacket must cover the wearer’s back, shoulders and chest. When worn, the orange vest of jacket must be visible at all times. ALWAYS BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET.

Daily Bag Limit

One per person per year

Hunting License Fee

$158.80 tax included CAD per person


Black Bear hunting dates are always the same fixed date every year:

Firearms: May 15 to June 30

Crossbow Bow: May 15 to June 30

Possession Limit

One per person per year

Additional Services

Cut and Wrapped: $150.00 + (according to the size of the bear)

Bear Hunting Price

1 Bear per Hunter: $1200.00 per week/per person

All prices include cottage, boat, motor, gas, fishing licenses, baiting and applicable taxes. Bear Licenses NOT included.


Any hunter who has killed a black bear must immediately detach the appropriate transportation tag from his or her license and affix it to the animal. The tag must remain attached throughout the registration process and until the animal has been dressed and stored.

Exporting Black Bear

As black bears are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), a CITES permit is not required for a Canadian or American resident who is exporting, in his or her personal accompanied baggage, a fresh, frozen or salted black bear carcass (or parts thereof) acquired and possessed through legal hunting. If the bear or its parts are mounted, processed or otherwise preserved by a person other than the hunter who killed the animal, then a CITES permit is required.

Hunting License

To hunt, a person must hold and carry an appropriate hunting licence. A hunting licence is personal. The issuer and the licence holder must sign every hunting licence. Dumoine Lake Cottages pricing does not include hunting licenses.

To obtain a hunting licence for resident, Quebec residents must hold a valid hunter’s certificate bearing the code corresponding to the hunting weapon they intend to use. To obtain a non-resident’s hunting licence, a person must be a non-resident and be at least 12 years of age. Non-residents must use at least two of the services provided by an outfitter, including lodging.

Bow hunting is permitted in Quebec subject to the same regulations as hunting with a firearm. Hunting licences are available from agents who sell licences: they generally include sporting goods, hardware or convenience stores. Licences expire at the end of the hunting season for the animal for which they were issued or when the transportation tag has been removed

For more information on hunting regulations for non-residents, please visit the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife.