Small Game Hunting

Quebec is a hunter's paradise, offering a rich and diverse ecosystem

Small Game

Hunting is a game of chance, using ones instinct, knowledge and patience. Quebec is a hunter’s paradise, offering a rich and diverse ecosystem. Dumoine Lake is renowned for its hospitality and respect for the land. We offer an exclusive territory to challenge any hunter.

Ruffed Grouse Partridge: Partridge are birds that thrive in a mixture of ground cover and evergreen trees. They use ground cover for nesting and the evergreens to provide cover from predators. These are very short stout birds, with a small head. Partridge’s plumages are full and strong; add their different colour shadings of brown, make this bird perfect for camouflaging.


Good small game hunters enjoy walking, the more miles you log the more birds you will encounter. The only sure way to tell if a partridge is in a patch of cover is to check each one at close range, or keep still as you survey the evergreens above.

All hunters, guides and persons accompanying them must wear a fluorescent orange vest or jacket that is visible from the front, back and sides. When worn, the orange vest or jacket must be visible at all times. ALWAYS BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET.

Daily Bag Limit

5 per day per person


2020 September 21 to November 15

Possession Limit

15 per person

Hunting License Fee

2020 Small Game Hunting Licence $90.97

Hunting License

To hunt partridge, a person must hold and carry a small game hunting licence. These licenses are personal, the issuer and the licence holder must sign every hunting licence. Dumoine Lake Cottages pricing does not include hunting licenses. Licenses are the same for Quebec residents and non-residents.

Small Game Hunting licences are available from agents who sell licences: they generally include sporting goods, hardware or convenience stores. Small game hunting licence is valid from April 1 through March 31 of the following year.


Any hunter who has killed a small game must immediately attach a transportation tag to their kill. The tag must contain the signature of the owner, the date, the address of the owner, and the number of the hunting permit.

Additional Services

Meat Preparation and Wrapping: $50.00 per limit