Lake Trout Fishing

Quebec boasts some of the world's best lake trout fishing

Lake Trout

Imagine sitting at the shores edge, watching the sunrise on a mist-shrouded lake. A trout jumping from the depths showing off its splender, while a moose and its calf drinking at the water’s edge. You see a flock of Canada geese take flight from the corner of your eye while the lingering call of a loon is heard in the background.

Quebec boasts some of the world’s best lake trout fishing. Its colour pattern is mostly grey-green above and white below, with creamy white mottlings on the back and a distinctly forked tale. The Lake Trout is found in deep lakes, its preference for cold water makes Lac Maltais a prime habitat for huge Lakers. Prime fishing for Lake Trout occurs in the spring and fall when water temperatures are lower.


Lakers are generally found in deeper water where water temperature is lower. The best location is often near weeds or rocky islands that are home to the smaller fish they feed on. The primary method of catching Lake Trout is trolling, fishing at the surface in the spring and deeper in the water as the temperature warms up, with baited spoons on medium to heavy bait casting and spinning gear.

Daily Fishing Quota

Daily fishing quotas include only those fish caught and kept and do not include fish thrown back. The licence-holder must include in their quota the fish caught and kept by all of the persons fishing under the authority of their licence. This also includes fish caught and eaten the same day.


Possession Limit

The authorized possession limit for Lake Trout is 2 in all.

Length Limit

The length limit concerning Lake Trout in Quebec does not apply to water bodies situated in areas where outfitters have exclusive fishing rights. Dumoine Lake has exclusive fishing rights, therefore there is no length limit.


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